About Me

My name is David Morales. I’m an European Spanish (Castilian) and Catalan Voice Talent

Brief Professional & Personal Bio


On 11th April I was born


I start my first radio show at my high school radio station


I start studying Journalism at university and start working for Santa Coloma Radio


While I’m studying, I work for Santa Coloma Radio and Radio Salut


I do an internship at Catalunya Radio and graduate at university


Santa Coloma Radio becomes RKB and I start hosting a morning show


I build my own first recording home studio


I start studying a bianual training for professional dubbing actors


I start working for Onda Cero Radio

Studies & Training

Journalism & Dubbing Actor

I am a freelancer voice artist. I studied journalism and I majored in radio. After my first recordings as a voice artist, I enrolled in the “Dubbing actor” course, in the “Commercial voice over” course and in the “Audiobooks narrator” course at Escola Catalana de Doblatge (ECAD). You can imagine the rest; castings, demos, voice acting, etc…

My start

Radio & Voice Artist

Back in 1995 (just 16 years old), I started working in an amateur radio. I’ve been through local, regional and national broadcasters. One of my colleagues at the radio asked me to record a commercial… And this is how it all began as a voice artist. Then I was asked then to record for a chain store, for the IVR of an NGO, for corporate videos…

My recording studio

I just use broadcast quality material in a completely controlled environment inside my DEMVOX ECO 100 sound booth.


Neumann TLM 103 & Sennheiser MK 416 P48

Mic Preamp

Focusrite ISA One

Audio interface

Apogee Duet 2 & Centrance Mixerface R4


DBX 166 XS

Remote sessions

Source-Connect Standard & SessionLinkPRO


Pro Tools & Adobe Audition


  • “David is an excellent voice over professional: he can change his voice to adapt it to the project, and can find the rythm and tone that the client demands. It’s great to work with him, because he offers his talent to make easy the creation of the final work.”

    Rosa Domingo, Corporative Communication Dept. at Broadcaster

  • “David is a great professional, versatile and with an incredible capacity to engage with each of the projects we undertake together. He always gets adapted to our needs and offers the best service; that is why he is a strategic partner for the development of our activity.”

    Gonzalo López, Project Manager at Inxpirius

  • “David is a very good professional who delivers all the works with high quality standard and really fast. He’s always been able to respond to our needs in very short times. David’s voice is perfect if you are looking for a versatile voice over professional who can suit different projects.”

    Sara Prat, Marketing Department at Abacus

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