Demos & Samples

I’ve compiled some real works and demos to show you how my voice sounds

Demos & Samples of real projects as an Iberian Spanish Voice Over Talent as well as Catalan voice overs

Iberian Spanish voice overs (Castilian)

Catalan voice overs

Iberian Spanish (Castilian) videos

Youtube Playlist

Catalan videos

Youtube Playlist

Do you want a customized sample demo?

Each type of project is different. And, obviously, here you can find just a small sample of the styles and genres I work with. If you need the services of an Iberian Spanish Voice Over Talent or you need Catalan voice overs, you may be looking for a voice for a video, the voice for an eLearning, or the voice for the messages of a telephone switchboard, or the voice for a public address system, or you need a voice for an audiobook, or a voice for a TV commercial or a radio commercial… Or maybe your project has nothing to do with any of the above. Either way, if you want to know how your script sounds in my voice; or you need to pass a sample to your clients for their approval, you can ask me to send you a customized sample demo.


First of all, send me the script on which I will work the sample demo. It is important that you explain me what kind of genre it is (voice for eLearning; voice for commercial; voice for an internal video, or voice for a video on Youtube, TikTok, etc.). It is also important that you indicate aspects such as the general tone you are looking for; the goal of the voice over, the type of delivery you need, etc. All the information you consider important to give a complete sense to the work.

Secondly, with all the data you have provided me, I will choose a fragment of the script and I will record the voice over. I may record several takes, to facilitate different deliveries.

Thirdly, I will email you the demo so that you can evaluate the tone, speed, delivery, etc.

Once you’ve listened to the recording, I’ll wait for your feedback, and I’m sure we’ll agree to start working together on recording voice overs!

How can we do it?

Send me the script

I’ll record a piece

I’ll send it to you!

Want a customize sample demo?

Do you need an Iberian Spanish Voice Over Talent? Do you need an online professional Artist with recording studio? A real human voice? Here I am!